• The Wild Farm – Bed & Birding partner!
    A heavenly piece of land in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains
    THE WILD FARM offers excellent opportunities for fun and recreation in the open nature.

  • Mitko, who sleeps under the starsMitko is part of the Vassilevi - a family of six, active in the business of rural tourism in the village of Gorno pole, municipality of Madjarovo, in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains

  • The beauty of the Wild Farm Dive into the unique natural atmosphere, where everything is alive

  • The animal at the Wild Farm Feel the touch of real wild life, where animals are entirely bred in the open field. The live-stock is not kept in barns, it is freely bred in the open, and tents are provided for the night and bad weather.

  • The wild is actually attracting you to the Wild Farm

  • The Wild Farm in its full glamour in the summertime Betty has already set the table in the garden, among flowering shrubs and beds of peonies. She has prepared a special salad with tahini and honey dressing, an incredibly delicious beef kebab and a milk pastry. We are having a glass of Nicky's home-made wine, while he is telling us stories about wolves and adventures from the live of the BG cowboys... още

  • Birdwatching and birding

Adventures & Birding

Photo Hunting

Capture wildlife with your camera. The Eastern Rhodope Mountains are the best place in Bulgaria for taking pictures of birds of prey

Horse Riding

Horse Riding for beginners and enthusiasts - we have four thoroughbred horses, while Eric and Darett are Peter's and Mitko's favorites


In the kingdom of wild nature, in the vicinity of the town of Madjarovo, which is pronounce an Ornithological place of world importance.

Unique Atmosphere

This is not the common "Guest house" - it is a home, always open for all friends, old-time friends, as well as newly met ones; for the ones, seeking the call of the wild and the colour of life.

A home, always open for all friends, for the ones, seeking the call of the wild and the colour of life

Come discover the Wild Farm

If you went looking for Paradise, you should definitely pass through the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, near the town of Madjarovo. A secluded ancestral house, at the entrance of the village has become a home for an incredible young family from Madzharovo, with a large green yard for camping under the stars, the air saturated with hay smell, fresh grass and flowers.

Welcome to the Wild Farm

THE WILD FARM offers excellent opportunities for fun and recreation in the open nature.

Media publications & feedback

The Wild Farm – preserved assiduousness and senses of the nature

In this article, the headlines are about the people who have blended in their souls the purity of nature and the energy and industriousness of their ancestors. There was this thought of a genius, saying that “The one who was born to fly cannot crawl”. ....Read the full article

They call it The Wild Farm

They call their guesthouse The Wild Farm, ‘a rural house for adventures in the Eastern Rhodope’. And wild it is, not the farm, but the region. Father Nikki, mother Betty and their four children live on the verge of the hamlet of Gorno Pole in the Eastern Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria...Read the full article

Rhodope Mountains, the home of the first farm certified for organic meat

The Bulgarian meat market is quite specific. It is almost impossible to find authentic veal on it. There is plenty of beef for sale but veal is almost nonexistent. This is the legacy of communism when Bulgaria chiefly staked on dairy cattle breeding...Read the full article

Hello Betty, Nicky & family!

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the FWAG Group from England for the excellent visit to your farm at Gorno Pole on 23rd May! It was one of the most intersting visits, and we were very impressed with your diversification into tourism on the farm, and wish you every success with the business in the future...Read the full article