THE WILD FARM IN THE EASTERN RHODOPE MOUNTAINS - The world of Betty and Nicky from the village of Gorno Pole

The House

Asecluded ancestral house, at the entrance of the village has become a home for an incredible young family from Madzharovo. This is not the common "Guest house" - it is a home, always open for all friends, old-time friends, as well as newly met ones; for the ones, seeking freedom, the call of the wild and the colour of life. The house can accommodate 15 people ( it has double and triple rooms with individual WC & bathroom) and has a large green yard for camping under the stars, the air saturated with hay smell, fresh grass and flowers.

The Wild Farm

Aherd of over 500 cows and bulls from local indigenous breeds (the "Tandem" brand owes at least part of its fame to Nicky) - the Rhodope Short-Horned Cattle and the Bulgarian gray cattle, which are bred the whole year round out in the free, in harmony with the laws of nature. Bees (domesticated and wild), rabbits, Karakachan sheep and dogs... No hens and roosters, they cannot survive, since out there live the big hawks, as well as many other, globally endangered raptors. The small lake near the house is the hiding place of the "domestic" otter – another species of the rarest wild animals on the planet, included in the World’s Red Book of protected species.




The Hosts

Betty Vassileva

The Hostess

Sheis a Chemist, a teacher of chemistry and biology, environmentalist by vocation and a tour guide, having a long-time experience with the "Eastern Rhodopes" Nature Preservation Centre in the town of Madjarovo. She is an exceptional cook, a master of folklore dances and an inexhaustible source of positive energy.

Nikolay Vassilev

The Host

Heis an Engineer in Zoology, (just recently Nickolay won the prestigious award - Engineer-Zoologist, Entrepreneur of the Year 2012), also a farmer by vocation, a real cowboy, unconditionally devoted to his love of animals and nature, whose everyday stories are the worthwhile continuation of the movie "Call of the Wild". Without having to give up the technical innovations of our time, Betty and Nicky, with their children Petya, Mitko, Kalina and Alexandra, have transformed their roots into a life-style. These are Thracian people in the Rhodope Mountains, whose exquisite dishes on the table also comprise Stuffed chicken with pancakes (Sachanlijska kokoshka s katmi) and the traditional Rhodope barbecue.

Betty, Nikki and their children Petya, Mitko, Kalina and Aleksandra, their roots have become a way of life without giving up the technical innovations of our time. They are Thracians in the Rhodopes, on whose table there is chicken with pancakes, and traditional Rhodope barbecue.